Keeping tabs on rising temperatures
graphic image of Red bus with thermometer strip

Our thermometer cards are proving invaluable for those monitoring hot spaces – whether in the workplace or at home.

Last summer we supported a campaign for the Unite bus drivers who were able to prove their cabs sometimes became dangerously hot with this information helping them to lobby for air con systems.

Those with babies often need reassurance about the optimum temperature of bedrooms to prevent the overheating associated with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Our high temp cards are of course also great for those in the business of supplying air cooling systems – to promote the need for portable or built in A/C units for customers.

Certainly with hotter summer days in the UK this is becoming a far more relevant issue. The 10 hottest years since 1884 have all happened since 2002. In 2022 the UK smashed its highest temperature record when 40.3C was recorded at Coningsby in Lincolnshire in July. (Met Office)

Our thermometer strips can measure up to 40’C  and can be attached to a tent card, fridge magnet or any other promotional materials.